What to Expect

What to expect the day of the procedure is important. Plan on being at Carole's Studio for two to two and a half hours per procedure. The procedures are done by licensed technicians who have done hundreds of procedures for 15 to 30 years.

We start by applying two different topical anesthetics for 25 minutes and talk you through the whole procedure. We will constantly reapply the topical anesthetics throughout the entire procedure. Next you and the technician will design your eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner, and/or your full lips. You as a client have total input in style, color, and shape. The best technicians always listen to what you as a client wants unless we are able to suggest a design that looks better for your face.

We send you home with a whole aftercare kit and instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo whether it's eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner, full lips, or all of the above. You'll love your new carefree look!

3-D Techniques

In addition to permanent makeup that won't wash off, our technicians are skilled in 3-D techniques. 3-D eyebrows are created with individual hair strokes to simulate the appearance of real hair. Our 3-D eyebrows with hair strokes last longer than alternative techniques such as micro-blading eyebrows. We also offer 3-D areola/nipple creation for breasts. This is a specialized service that requires a free consultation for pictures.